Mini-Haiku (Tiny) Paintings Part 3

Fine Art Haiku is fine art in miniature form. A perfect pop of brilliant color telling a tiny tale.
All mini-haiku's measure 5" by 7".
The price is $8,000 per painting.
More fun to collect than postage stamps, these tiny canvases let the collector come in at a much smaller price than larger canvases which run in the millions.
Each haiku is an original one of a kind painting on board,and signed by the artist.

 Since the haiku paintings are so small they do not photograph well. 
They are to be viewed at a distance or across the room and not up close as in a photograph.
 The best way to view what I see when I title them is to put the distance between the photo on the computer or phone and yourself as far away as possible

Size example for scale

These tiny mini-haiku paintings can be mixed and matched in any combination depending on customer's preferences.
They make beautiful unique custom painting collages, which can be changed quickly and simply, keeping the room fresh and changing.
Over 500 unique paintings available for purchase.

In Utero
Title :  In Utero
Size : 5" by 7"
Materials : Acrylic and Oil Stick on Board
Price : $8,000
Artist : Katheleen Mitro
Signed:  Bottom right : Mitro

      7in.High x 5 in.Wide
  • Gallery Location
    Daytona Beach, Florida
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The Gamut of Emotions

Fear is A Four Letter Word

Bike Riding With The Wind and Free As A Bird

My Teacher Mrs. Ogre
My Bonnie Lye Over The Ocean

Dragon on The Path In Golden Rain

Alack Aley Noah at Sea

Get A Little Drunk and You Land in Jail

Shhh Do You Hear What I hear

Pan The God of The Wild

My Mom Went to Tibet and All I Got Was This Lousy Yeti

First Day of School
No Fence Will Ever Separate Us (Gold Series)

 Helping Daddy Paint (Gold Series)

Chaos Wherever I go, I Think Not (Gold Series)
Narcissus at The Reflecting Pool

Come In She Said and I'll Give You Shelter From The Storm

Shadow Boxing
He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother

Paradise Re-Grown Even Lusher
The Evil of White Supremacy Soul Staining Ugliness

Pink Monkeys Must Live Free
A Dog Went a Marching

A Raspberry For Dotard Donnie


Boy In Blue Scarf Hugs Dog In Pilgrims Hat

By George I Think I Found It
Never Swallow Evil

Just Walk Away Renee Watercolor Dreams of Days Gone By

Save The Life of My Child

Education is Mandatory to Instill in Our Young

Those Girls in France Sure Know How to Dance

The Emergence of The Mighty Zoar
Drat It's That Damn Neighbor Again

If You Let Him There Will Always Be an Orange Man To Make You Sad
Sharknado Came For Me But I Was Smart I Disguise Myself as a Shark
A Study in Orange and Gray
Envy is Never a Good Look or Luck
The Samurai Inside
Hush LIttle Baby Don't Say a Word Mamas Going To Sing to You Like a Mocking Bird
I Ain't AScared of No Rabbits
Red Head Potato Head
Father and Son
Your Wish is My Command
The Beauty of The Earth as Seen by Man and Animal
Don't Just Stand There Aren't You Going to Help Me Up
And The Green Men Gathered and Some Wanted to Party and Some Wanted to Sleep
Strange Friends
Plato In The Garden On Democracy
Women Never Bow Your Head in Submission We Are Not Men’s Chattel