About The Gallery

Mitro's Art Gallery has moved from a brick and mortar gallery to a strictly online gallery in the year 2012. 
It was founded in the year 2004 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
We feel this move is more in step with today's highly technological society which enables us to present our entire line of art to the world all at one time, with the mere click of a button and with no space or location constraints.
Even though we present our art online, it is available to be seen in  person by any persons interested in purchase. 
Hard art is located in Daytona Beach, Florida.
All art seen in this gallery is by Katheleen Mitro and is a genre of art called Soft Abstract Expressionism. 
The prices are straight across the board with each size a particular price and it's price will never be reduced by the gallery.
Like a fine wine it's price will appreciate with age and it is a tremendous opportunity to invest in an artist who is just starting to climb.