18" By 24" Paintings

Hiding From Inner Demons Only Gives Them More Power
Baby Henry Tries Out His New Jet Pack  
Brown Suede I Catcher 
Easter 2018  
Grandma's House  
Grandpa's Golden Sunshine Walk With Henry  
He Left His Imprint Upon The Land 
Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody
Angel March 24    
La Bataille 
My Peeps  
Pink is For Protection  
Pop Some Popcorn and People Miraculously Appear
I Called Out and There Was No One There 
Sleepy Banana and The Mean Crab Woman Waking Him Up 
That Voice in Your Ear is Talking to You For a Reason 
The Blue Brothers Are In Trouble Again And It Just Ain’t Fair    
The Bread Guards the Foo Dog While He Replicates  
The Color Purple  
The Fish Turned Into a Whale and I Ate the Whole Thing  
The Nascent Quality and Ability of Dreams Or To Hell With Bad Feelings  
They Said You Was High Class Well That Was Just A Lie 
Why Do You Crawl When You Have Wings. 
He Pushed She Screamed a Tribute to Munch 
Sea Horse 
My Very Elegant Friend
Church is a satirical look at organized religion that deems everyone else's view of the spiritual as wrong, while rigidly declaring only their religion as true and sentencing all others with different beliefs to eternal hell.
This is a bad picture of a bad picture with it's heavy clashing colors in a heavy gilt (guilt) frame. 
The frame is cropped out of the painting here.