Friday, July 12, 2019

IPO - Initial Public Offering

I am sure by now most have noticed my prices have recently been reduced.
I have done this because with a royalty agreement in place, this gives interested buyers the opportunity to come in at a reduced price, but for me, as the prices rise, my benefit will come in through the royalty (Royalty Agreement) due on each painting with resale.
I call this an IPO, initial public offering, because although there has been a tremendous recent interest in my paintings, the vast majority are still available for purchase.
I feel this will not be the case for much longer.
Don't let the sweet dogs below be you *:)

A little additional information:
My art is made by pulling energy from the Universe, a scene or scenes onto the canvas and making it visible to the human eye by "coating" this energy if you will, with paint.
A ghosting technique, that make the invisible, visible.
For this reason my art seethes with flowing morphing energy and is quite complex.
Each painting is made to be read.
And each portion of the painting tells it own unique page of the story while interlocking with the entire painting to tell the complete story.

The photos of these paintings are taken with no special lighting and with a common iPhone.
For these reason the paintings are much more beautiful in person, with much richer vibrant colors.

Listed below are some of my very all time favorites that are still available for sale :)

3 Feet by 4 Feet:

After The Messiah In Search of The Master Key
Four Amigos and a Baby In Search of The Treasure of The Sierra Madres or Whatever Other Treasure They Can Find
Heart or The Natural Revolution of Family
The Belly Painting
The Queen

Women When Strength Appears Oppression Disappears
18 Inches by 24 Inches:

From Child to Woman an Intense Experience Not Helped by Unsavory Characters 

My Very Elegant Friend
16 Inches by 24 Inches:

Desert Sunset  Vanquished Sun
Send Out Your Best Even When They Don't Want To Go
The Librarian
The Siren Call of Camraderie No One Escapes It
Yellow Submarine Thank You Robin Cook for Abduction

8 Inches by 10 Inches:

Adventure on the High Sea
Joseph Flying Over Jerusalem
Mechanical Man Operating on Rote 
The Dissolution of Time

11 Inches by 14 Inches:

Celebration  Cuckoo Bird 
Kitten with a Blue Scarf on the Road to Nirvana
Old Yeller 2015 A Futuristic Take On an Old Dog
The Postulant

Women in a Blue Hat Taking a Walk Smoking a Cigarette

5 Inches by 7 Inches:

A Love Affair Doomed From First Inception The Cat and The Mouse
Birds Don't Get Vertigo
Humpty Dumpty in Pure White Free Fall
Narcissus at The Reflecting Pool
The Fence Was Open So I Left
When Gray Clouds of Negativity Threaten to Consume You, Fly

Clicking on the words in the upper left black bar on the art portfolio website - Classic ect. will format the page in a different way of viewing the paintings.
Any painting with the initials NA is Not Available for sale.
The paintings are displayed and separated by size -  5 Inches by 7 Inches , 3 Feet by 4 Feet ect.