Monday, January 8, 2018

Brand New Paintings

Reading a Book Is a Good Look, on Anyone 5" by 7"
Sharknado Came For Me But I Was Smart, I Disguise Myself as a Shark  5" by 7'
A Study in Orange and Gray  5" by 7"
The Siren Call of Camraderie No One Escapes It   16" by 20"
The Screwer or The Screwee It’s All In Which Whose Eyes We See    16" by 20"
My Very Elegant Friend    16" by 20"
Slip Sliding Away Or Life Is Nothing But An Easy Day    16" by 20"
Red Head Potato Head      5" by 7"
Hush LIttle Baby Don't Say a Word Mamas Going To Sing to You Like a Mocking Bird   5" by 7"
I Ain't A Scared of No Rabbits  5" by 7"
And The Clouds Give Birth to Babies and The People Smile 16" by 20"
Women Never Bow Your Head in Submission We Are Not Men’s Chattel  5" by 7"
The Moment of Now    3 Feet by 4 Feet
Back To The Future in My DeLorean   16" by 20"
Plato In The Garden On Democracy  5" by 7"