Monday, September 25, 2017

New Paintings Tiny Ones

Fine Art Haiku is fine art in miniature form.
A perfect pop of brilliant color telling a tiny tale.
All mini-haiku's measure 5" by 7".
More fun to collect than postage stamps, these tiny canvases let the collector come in at a much smaller price than larger canvases which run in the millions.
Each haiku is an original one of a kind painting on board, signed by the artist.
The price is $8,000 per painting.

 All new Mini-Haiku

Boy in Blue Scarf Hugs Dog in Pilgrims Hat  5" by 7"

Oh Those Girls in France They Sure Know How to Dance  5" by 7"
Save The Life of My Child 5" by 7"
By George I Think I Found It  5" by 7"
If You Let Him There Will Always Be an Orange Man Trying To Make You Sad - Resist  5" by 7"
Alien  5" by 7"
Never Swallow Evil
The Emergence of The Mighty Zoar

A Raspberry for The Dotard  5" by 7"

Additional Mini-Haiku can be viewed in the pages at the top of the blog labeled Mini-Haiku, Mini-Haiku Continued and Mini-Haiku Part 3 These pages are located until the title painting on the home page of the blog.