Embed Mitro Luxury Art: Fine Art Haiku

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fine Art Haiku

Senor Potato Head

Fine Art Haiku is fine art in miniature form. A perfect pop of brilliant color telling a tiny tale.
All of my mini-haiku's measure 5" by 7".
The price is $8,000 per painting.
More fun to collect than postage stamps, these tiny canvases let the collector come in at a much smaller price than my larger canvases which run in the millions.
The Fifth Beatle
Pig on a Boat and His Pain in The Ass Friend
Royal Blessing of The Sacred Elephant
Opens Wide For A Duck Surprise
Sentimental Journey
Get Me To The Birth on Time
Teenage Angst
Bunny and Chick and A Splash of Pink
Hippie Chick and Her Pet Fish Zelda
My Pet Bulldog Bowser
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