Embed Mitro Luxury Art: The Secret of The Universe

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Secret of The Universe

Desert Sunset / Vanquished Sun - Mitro
It is not what say or do, it's what we feel that creates our lives.
What we feel inside, is what we out-picture into our surrounding world.
In order to change our surrounding world we must change what we feel inside.
Our outer world is created by matching vibrations already existing in our subconscious.
In order to create something very specific in our reality we must exactly match the vibration of that something in our subconscious.
The way to start this process is to use what we are in control of which is our conscious mind.
With continual focus of our conscious mind we can gradually influence and change our subconscious to anything we wish.
This is the importance of holidays.
Their importance is how they make you feel.
When you feel love for all at Christmas your conscious mind is influencing your subconscious mind to out-picture love for all in your world.
And believe me when you create love for all in your world you are experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Painting Desert Sunset