Embed Mitro Luxury Art: Press Release

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Press Release

Looking at the next wonder kid of the Art World. Who by the way is not a kid.

Daytona Beach Florida - Working her metaphysical magic on empty canvas she has created some of the most important art of the 21st century.
At 62 and counting her entree into the world of fine art is well timed for her art to receive the world wide recognition she is just starting to receive.
Painting in a style she calls "The universe talks to the world through my art, or things that go bump in the night," her art reflects her belief in many planes of spiritual existence occurring simultaneously, and she delights in seeing  images come up unbidden on each new canvas she starts.
Her paintings reflect an empty canvas magnetized with pixels of some ESP scene that comes to life through the channel of the artist.