Embed Mitro Luxury Art: Everyone Goes Along For The Ride

Monday, February 8, 2016

Everyone Goes Along For The Ride

Everyone Goes Along For The Ride - Mitro   16" by 20"  $125,000

Everyone goes along for the ride is about the taking along of friends with you on your glorious ride when good fortune befalls you.
It is about strong people who uplift and carry others along with them because that is what good friends do.
If you look at this painting you will see a dog his face is green and blue with big red eyes looking backwards.
His red muzzle contains his chicken friend, look for his little blue eyes.
His big lion friend is in beige riding regally in his abdomen with a little man etched into his head.
There are many other figures or friends in this painting see how many you can find. 

Title :  Everyone Goes Along For The Ride
Size : 16" by 20"
Materials : Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas
Price : $125,000
Artist : Katheleen Mitro
Signed bottom right : Mitro

Gallery Location
Daytona Beach, Florida