Monday, December 21, 2015

Muddled Ingress

Muddled Ingress - Mitro  16" by 20"  $125,000
Muddled Ingress is self explanatory.
If you look at the top left hand portion of the painting you will see the face of a man.
Surrounding him are the myriad pathways he may choose to reach his desired life goal.
It is the confusion of paths that may or may not be taken in life, and the tremendous angst one feels before embarking on a new path by agonizing over which is the correct path to take.
One must embark into newness joyfully and  without trepidation instead of being drawn into muddy colored  pathways to reach desired financial security.
 It is and always has been, the joy of the journey for when you enjoy the journey it will always invariably have a great end.
By the way the path that feels good to your heart is always the correct one.
Feels good, is good.