Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baby Phantom Spitfire Airplane

Phantom Spitfire Airplane  - Mitro  16" by 20"  $125,000
This is a ghost of Spitfire World War Two airplane.
If you look at the lower right hand corner of the painting you will see the face of the airplane looking up and backwards. 
His face is yellow and very round,  he has two blue wings and you are viewing him from above.
He is a phantom because you can see directly through him to the ground. 
I refer to him as a baby as his face is very baby like with roundness and a orange snub nose.
 I believe this baby like quality is reflecting the tender age of the pilot who inevitably died with the crash of the plane. 
This painting is very compelling and actually gives you vertigo when you look upon it in it's original form.
 While looking at the painting I am struck by the incredible courage of our air military who protect us on a very scary battle ground.
I would like to dedicate this painting with much gratitude to every brave soul in our Air Force.

World War Two Spitfire Airplane