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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What is a Spirit Painting or We Are Not Alone

What is spirit painting?
Spirit painting is when something other that the artists paints a canvas.
By this I mean even though the artist holds the paintbrush he is not the one guiding it.

Animation   11" by 14"   $50,000

An excellent example of this is my painting Animation.
For this painting which I painted very rapidly like an animation artist does, I lay the board on a table,and using oil crayons and water color pencils  I made rapid slashes then rotated the board and kept rotating and slashing also smearing the crayon with my fingers as I continued.
Not until the board was completely colored did I examine it.
When I did I was utterly shocked to see 5 very distinct figures..
Each figure was complete down to it's eyes.
Now this is a true spirit painting spirit painting
Almost 99% of my art is spirit painting.