Friday, August 28, 2015

Yin Yang

Yin Yang    11" by 14"      $50,000
Yin Yang is about the expression of opposites, for without the opposite of itself nothing can be defined.
If you look at the bottom right of the painting you will see the female form portrayed as female with her large presence representing her fecundity for without it new life would not be possible.
Although woman are usually portrayed as the weaker sex the strong backbone of the female shown her indicates that is certainly not the case.
Females protect their young and their mates emotionally and physically.
You will see the male portrayed as a prickly porcupine which attest to man's often stand off nature of all things he perceives as weakness in caring.
Notice women the male is standing on the females back so even though it might not seem it at times , he really does have the females back 
This is a spirit painting spirit painting