Monday, August 24, 2015

Rock Star

Rock Star - Mitro  16" by 20"   NA

If you look closely at this painting you will see a solo man or woman on stage singing into an upraised microphone. 
You can also see the stage curtains pulling apart and the pinpoint spots of light coming through the curtain with a huge explosion of applause over the singer head.
 This painting is dedicated to my own rock star, my son Alex Mitro, whose musical talent knows no bounds.

Rock Star 

Rock star burn so  brightly, so brightly into  night
the crowds are patiently waiting
expecting phenomenal delight
what say you are you up
up to do the night
what a dizzying  way to make a living
black velvet voice washes over light
better guard your hearts                                            
with you and only with you
all  dims in cavernous yawn
when curtain opens
and spotlight picks out you

This is a spirit painting spirit painting
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