Friday, August 28, 2015


Possum   11" by 14"    $50,000

Looking at my new painting Possum for the last couple of nights and I see that it comes alive at night. Now it is pretty viewed in daylight, but at night it glows like jewel with an inner radiance that compels the eye to it like a magnet.
 My painting are abstract and the feeling of the painting is what the painting is about, and even though I have never seen a possum in person,the painting was just, a possum.
 When I awaken this morning it dawns on (get it dawns on me) I think aren't possums nocturnal animals?
 I Google it and yes indeed they are nocturnal animals.
 So once again I am amazed things, are much curiouser in this earthy life than most of us realize. When the painting feels to be a possum and that painting comes alive at night just like a possum, well that is too cool for words.
Spirit painting spirit painting