Wednesday, August 26, 2015

911 A Hail to Hero's

911 A Hail to Hero's - Mitro    16" by 20"
This picture was painted one full year before 911 but brings up the day perfectly.
It is a perfect example of prescience.
 Although some of it is very sad, like the blood you can see pooled on the ground, it is to honor our brave protectors, the firemen and policemen which are depicted by strong trees, one leading the way and the other having our backs. 
The savageness of the attack is shown by Indian Tepees (my apology to all American Indians which I have always believed got a very bad deal) which contain a man seen through a smoke screen of deviant religious radicalism.
 The twin towers are easy to see and if you look at the top of them you will see the explosion when the airplane hit.
 You will see God depicted by a smiley face with his smile wiped off looking down on the scene. What is lost here in this picture because it was cropped but is in the original painting is the devil in the upper left hand portion of the painting standing with his trident, you can see half of him here, all of him in the un-cropped painting.
 This is a spirit painting Spirit Painting