Embed Mitro Luxury Art: Vision of a Reunion By The Sea

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vision of a Reunion By The Sea

Vision comes to many
but clearly not to all
it takes a special kind for person
to see and sense the all
when it clearly really matters
to attend to things that mean
super special portraits of little mice
and kings
so take me in your cuckold
and hold me oh so tight
tomorrow comes the morning
and I'm prepared to fight
fight for that that matters
yes it's important that you see
because if you go to block it
no reunion by the sea
forever stuck at ordinary
no I think not me
life was meant to create
so creative I will be
and take my bags and bushels
and gather them to me
and collect pretty seashells for the whole wild world to see
options always options, to live each and everyday
don't be so selfish with your visions
please please remember to share them with me

- Mitro