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Monday, March 9, 2015

Flower The Perpetuity of Eternal Life

A body is to a soul, what a flower is to a seed. When one part dies, the other part, survives. It is the eternal circle of life and it insures that,
Flower The  Perpetuity of Eternal Life -Mitro   5" by 7" 

one can never die, death is a fallacy.
Flowers die and turn to seed, the body dies and turns to soul.
Growth is incorporated in the seeds of souls and of flowers to ensure they  return again, albeit, in a slightly different form while they await re-blossoming of new life or existence forever in the spiritual plane

Flower Flower

Pretty little flower
fall down upon your sword
and make it known to millions
that no one  will grow cold
because upon the death of you
you will become much more
many more of flowers seed
will come forth from you, and insure
insure that there's eternal life
energy does not cease
it merely changes shape, and thus gives one release
release from bodies old and used
a crisp new shiny start
a chance to do it all anew
with freshness in your heart
for who is there among us
who does not want to grow
when all growth here has ceased

- Mitro