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Saturday, May 2, 2015

4 Reasons an Investment in Art Can Return More Money Than Any Other Investment

Thought - Mitro  36" by 48"
1. Everyone wants the most bang for their bucks when it comes to investments.

2. The appreciation of art makes it a winner for one of the biggest returns possible on investment capital.

3. Where stocks and bonds have a average top return of about 5%. 
 Art can be bought for hundreds and  resold for  potential millions with capital gains in the 
 stratosphere, instead of single digits.

4. No other investment has this capacity to return so much money for getting in with so little money.

 Money Guru  Donald Trump Donald Trump says "The worst thing you can do is be timid and let your money just sit in your savings account."

 So buy art that is set to appreciate but buy art that you love. 

Art that you love looking at, and it will be the most satisfying investment you will ever make. 

A money investment that actually brings you joy every day of your life while the monetary value of your artwork goes up, up and up.


  A great site to find emerging artists is Artist a Day artist a day  

It is a wonderful website featuring artists like Sayaka Ganz Sayaka Ganz an environmentalist who uses recycled materials in her sculptures.
- Ganz

Another up and coming artist poised on super stardom in the artworld  Kathy Mitro is Kathy Mitro with her new genre of  soft abstract expressionism

                                                Desert Sunset Desert Sunset - Mitro 

And last by not least artist Valerie Hegaty of New York City, New York. 

                                          - Hegaty

By buying now you can enjoy the art while watching your capital gains grow and grow much as the worth of Valerie Hegaty will grow and grow