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Friday, February 27, 2015

Is This the Greatest Painting Ever Painted?

Desert Sunset Vanquished Sun   16" by 20"  - Mitro

When we talk about great paintings, paintings destined to go down in history as great masterpieces, we are not  talking only about the great feeling they invoke, but also the potential monetary increase an investment is such a painting will return.
This painting by Kathy Mitro is a glowing, literally and figuratively, top of the line example of  Soft Abstract Expressionism at it's finest.
With it's gorgeous colors it reflects one of the most important aspects of Soft Abstract Expressionism   Soft Abstract Expressionism, color, beautiful beautiful color.
Heavy on symbolism, another key distinguisher of Soft Abstract Expressionism, this painting is rife with symbolic meaning and feeling.
We see the vanquished sun done with it's work  for the day, rest it's weary head on the sand of the desert, while with the sleeping of it's potent energy an unlocking of the mountains occurs from their rigid daily task as stoic sentinels, releasing them into beautiful winged birds that fly away into the night enjoying their nocturnal nightly ritual of freedom
Soft Abstract Expressionism a genre made famous by Mitro, is always soft and always playful.
It is the fairy tale version of Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism   made famous by de Kooning de Kooning and Pollock Pollock
It is always good and  kind and playful and gentle.
It has much positive energy in it.
No darkness..+