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Monday, May 18, 2015

Soft Abstract Expressionism a New Art Genre?

Old Yeller 2015 - Mitro
Gentle creatures, soft flowing lines, gorgeous colors, this is the mark of a softer form of expressionism called Soft Abstract Expressionism.
Original Abstract Expressionism Guru Willem de Kooning Willem de Kooning brought the first Abstract Expressionism into mainstream America.
 Under his fabulous departure into futuristic art, his and most Expressionism has been up to this date rigid, strong colors, angled lines.
 A newer genre of expressionism is emerging though hopefully to echo the coming of a softer more compassionate world.
This new softness is just like the old expressionism but with gentle beautiful colors that flow into each other blending into shapes and forms of kindness almost cartoon like gentle creatures

Cross -  Mitro

A flower child like take on the future and a new way to just feel good while just enjoying the splash of joyous,riotous colors on a clean white canvas.
 The abstraction lets one discover gentle kind caricatures of a beautiful world.

Desert Sunset Vanquished Sun - Mitro
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