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Monday, December 26, 2016

Oppression Disappears When Strength Appears/Women

To a Fat Toad in Deep Dark Space

A Duck's Escape From the Mundane Into the Incredible - Mitro
Way way out in deep space,talking to the stars
My friend points out hey look out, over there, there's Mars
Celestial fireballs explode in the night
filled with brilliant blazing colors and small shooting lights
Flashing around in my eyes and my head
I shake off the colors and then to my dread
Incredulity shoots through me do I hear a knock?
A knock at the door in deep outer space
Mayhaps it's a alien looking for a taste
We giggle nervously debating the case
The ship wafts and turns
Floating softly in space
Blackness descends covering over our face
The equipment board glows a green eerie light
Really intensifying our sudden fright 
The knock on the door
Did we hear it again
Visions of green men come unbidden again
We look at our camera and lo and behold
What we see is amazing
Could it be a fat toad?
His size is so tiny
His face is so fat
His arm raises up and then knock knock again
His back has a hunch
His legs have a bend
He calls out quite jolly
It's alright, Open up I'm friend
Was there ever a friend that looked so  confound strange
We hesitate and then hear, knock knock again
He calls out because I look different 
No need to be afraid
The world needs the difference or else it would be just too plain
From where I come, I am Emperor, I am the King
People kneel and they honor me
But what do you see?
I think when you see me you see a green thing
But this is a big world and we must all get along
And do much more than tolerate
We must help each other around
And navigate the vastness that is the being of space
Only then we will find peace
When the difference we embrace
So now I must ask you
What would you do?
Would you open and trust
and make a friend true blue?
A chance at a new friend
that looks very different from you
The girls choice was easy
they pulled back the bolt
and opened the door with a small little jolt
See differences don't matter much out here
in space
In fact they should never matter in any old place
-Katheleen Mitro

After notes:

At this point in time in the life of our planet we are at a great precipice in our nation that will determine the course of the world for this generation and all up-coming generations
We as individual citizens and voices must choose between letting a new government of enmity and racial profiling take control of our beautiful free nation or choose to peacefully resist the installation of such a divisive way of rule, saying love and compassion is the only way. 
In this time we may stand for good or we may let evil have it's way.
For myself I choose love, tolerance and acceptance of all the beauty and diversity of life on our planet. 
One is not better than another merely by distinction of color, race or religion.
We are humanity not nationality.
For indeed as the toad says "Without the difference, life would be just too plain"



Saturday, December 24, 2016

Not One Single Movement, Gesture, Hand Raise Occurs In A Random Vacuum

Baba Vanga There Are None So Blind As Those That Do Not See - Mitro
Everything in the entire Universe is inter-twined, Everything. Every time you raise your hand it is in concert with the Universe a beautifully balanced symphony reacting interacting dancing with majestic music in concert with someones or somethings matching energy completing a circle as all of creation is a circle and all of life is creation.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Heartfelt Plea to all Remaining Trump Supporters - Please Don't Drink the Kool Aid

Life As We  Once Knew It, Seen Now Only in Museums - Mitro
On the eve of one of the most crucial elections facing our country since it's founding, we must reach out to those unaware of the cataclysmic results of handing over our magnificent country to a man too self absorbed and self interested to take proper care of our democracy.
America which even now, no matter how many times he wishes to chant, make America great again, is already number one on the world stage
America is already great. 
The greatest free nation in the world 
Are we perfect, no, a resounding no.
And this is the no that has captured the hearts of Trump supporters.
A charismatic confident man that has lured them in and keeps them in with promises he never intends to keep.
Much like the infamous Jim Jones in Ghana no matter how much Kool Aid he urges upon them, they believe in him much as Jones followers believed in him.
Was Jim Jones the Messiah his followers thought he was, the man with all the answers?
Is Donald Trump the Messiah, the man with all the answers? No.
Not when he chooses a  white supremacist “senior counselor” and “chief strategist" for his White House, a homophobe for a Vice President, a racist for Attorney General,and a climate change denier for environmental protection
This is a mockery. 
Donald Trump isn’t making weak cabinet picks out of necessity, or even due of a lack of scrutiny. Because these aren’t bad picks. They’re intentionally bad picks. Every one of them appears to be a carefully crafted middle finger to mainstream America, just to mess with everyone. And he may only be making these nightmare picks to distract from his own corruption, so he can scapegoat them down the road  - Bill Palmer
He is thumbing his nose at America and the golden beautiful ideals we stand for.
It seems like Trump was right, alas only among his die hard supporters, that he could shoot a man in broad daylight and still not lose any supporters
I have been pondering why?
Why does this man continue to do the worst things imaginable and still not lose support
He mocks the disabled, he makes sexual denigrating comments about woman and still woman support him.
I think the answer lies in his ability to spin the truth.
Also he resonates with men and women who would like to have more, more money, better homes and more success and  who look up to a billionaire seeing him as having it all.
With all the resultant  glow and patina that comes with so much money. 
And think surely a man like that.
Surely a man with so much money for himself will know how to get more money for me. 
Does Donald want the common man to have more?
No he even wants to reduce the social security paid out to our seniors by a fixed percentage, some barely scrapping by now before a cut.
Do the people believe this when you tell them?
No Donald has already figured out an answer to any doubts his followers might have when being persuaded by reason to question his ethics.
Every entry put to a supporter is met with "Oh he's not going to do that, it's fake media"
Where did the term fake media come from?
Well wonder of wonders it came from Donald himself.
Imagine that Jim oh sorry Donald I get the two confused
So please Trump supporters we love you, we just don't like what you are doing, avidly and loudly supporting someone who intends and has always intended to destroy us from within.
Please see the light and see this man for what he truly is, not your savior but your destroyer
If you have a Trump supporter in your family have the hard talk with them.
I know it's easy not to, just to keep the peace.
But we have only 5 days left until we make the final decision and if we make the wrong choice we say goodbye to peace for all, forever and forever.
It is the duty of every lover of freedom and democracy to ensure a man who is loyal to neither does not assume the office of the greatest most powerful man in the free world
Please try to rally  in support of Hillary.
If you think, oh no, not four more years of what has been.
Think that if you don't, the alternative is life as we once knew it , gone irretrievably gone. 
By Katheleen Mitro

Further Reading:

Dan Rather -The world renowned, award-winning and respected journalist
Dan Rather  To Call Trump a Con Man... 

How 2016 is turning into George Orwell's '1984'
“Reality control,” they called it: in Newspeak, “doublethink.”

A Final Plea to Trump’s America - The New York Times Source     



Monday, December 12, 2016

Unraveling the Symbolology of Mitro Metaphysical Paintings

Father Christmas Visits the Tidepool of Time  36" by 48"  $2,000,000 
 Coyote and Penguin can both be seen in the upper left hand of the painting overlooking the tide pool of time
All the symbols in my paintings have metaphysical meaning. By this I mean whenever you see odd symbology in my paintings these symbol meanings are not literal but metaphysical and the metaphysical meaning attached is in direct connection to attributes generally associated with the symbol.
When you see the coyote over looking the tide pool of time in Father Christmas Visits The Tide Pool of Time the meaning is not a coyote but what a coyote symbolizes which is 
"A coyote although having a darker side is also a very playful animal as seen in this video 
"The spirit of the coyote may remind you to not take things too seriously and bring more balance between wisdom and playfulness."  coyote"
Tthe coyote is also believed to be an indication of an ending. The sighting of the Coyote is said to bring natural shifts in balance, causing an end (which, of course, simply makes way for new beginnings, and so on). 
Essentially, the Coyote is like a "way-maker" of new direction as it goes about its symbolic role of representing the cycle of life/death in nature meaning.
The spirit of the coyote may remind you to not take things too seriously and bring more balance between wisdom and playfulness.
Beware of the dark side of things
Any time a symbol passes before you in your life it is a special message to you.
It is a sign from the Universe that you need to pay attention to.
The more times the same symbol passes in front of you the more attention you need to pay to it's meaning.
See a penguin in a painting in a store, okay.
Then walk out of that store and see a person wearing a penguin sweater, more attention
Then see a sign behind the guy in the Penguin sweater advertising a Christmas pageant with a huge penguin on it.
Now the Universe has signaled you three times in short order.
It is saying pay attention pay attention.
To what you might ask? 
Not to penguins unless you are in daily communion with real life penguins, but pay attention to what a penguins meaning is.
Unconventionalism: The penguin is a bird that does not fly
Faithfulness in a partnership. It might mean monogamy, or it could simply mean sticking with a good friend for the duration of a lifetime.
More meanings Symbolic Meaning of Penguin
In short my paintings are meant to be read like a book with a different meaning for each viewer.
Unique meaning for the unique you.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Beauty of Christmas and America Seen Through The Eyes of a Small Town Christmas Parade

A small chihuahua sits prime row center on a old red beach chair next to me at the annual New Smyrna Beach Christmas Parade, the best seat in the house.
Actually all seats are great in this tiny beach side community where parade viewers are within touching and shouting distance of each float as it passes by.
Also know as the candy parade, the candy while holding little charm for the tiny pup, holds much for the children and adults in the crowd who come prepared with buckets, bags, and empty cups, soon to be filled  with candy thrown from each float as it passes.
Although the candy lends immeasurable charm the real beauty of the parade is it's heralding back to the innocence and beauty of bygone years where communities loved and celebrated the beauty of life as well, as a community.
As scrubbed clean faces all dressed head to toe in Christmas regalia, marched, danced and sang along the parade route their fellow neighbors called out to them "Hi Kelly" "Merry Christmas Shanice!" in true small town closeness.
New Smyrna Beach is an idyllic beach community somewhat reminiscent of fictitious Amnity Island  made famous in the movie Jaws, and it's main thoroughfare indeed the road of the parade route ends in a beach ramp taking you right onto the sun kissed beach and ocean.

Moving to Florida  from the North, Pittsburgh to be precise, the beauty of the laid back philosophy of  Florida is never lost on me. So when a lone black VW Jetta is parked directly on the parade route not really blocking the parade but blocking a tiny amount of visibility I am not surprised but equally thrilled when my neighbor calls to a nearby policemen "Hey are you going to tow the car?" and he calls back with a smile and the simple reply "No we're going to let it be."
Let it be, yes there is so much beauty in that.
A little Japanese boy about 4 sits with his doting  parents a big red cup of candy in his lap. A errant pitch of candy catches him on his forehead and everyone calls is he alright. And yes he was with a big smile from his parents.
As to my beloved dogs a pair of big beauties sit across the street from me where I lose count of how many strangers throw their arms around two fat necks and give them Christmas hugs.
Behind me sits a gentle giant of a beautiful golden retriever seeming immune to the constant praise of his beauty.
I watch as a man on a float catches the eye of the retrievers owner and mouths something to him as he throws something to the dog. To my delight, dog candy, a huge rawhide Christmas candy cane that goes out to all the dogs in the crowd.
Just a shining beautiful moment in a shining beautiful parade that made my heart sing with joy at a community where no one is forgotten.
Small town America at it's finest New Smyrna Florida.
-Katheleen Mitro

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Secret of The Universe

Desert Sunset / Vanquished Sun - Mitro
It is not what say or do, it's what we feel that creates our lives.
What we feel inside, is what we out-picture into our surrounding world.
In order to change our surrounding world we must change what we feel inside.
Our outer world is created by matching vibrations already existing in our subconscious.
In order to create something very specific in our reality we must exactly match the vibration of that something in our subconscious.
The way to start this process is to use what we are in control of which is our conscious mind.
With continual focus of our conscious mind we can gradually influence and change our subconscious to anything we wish.
This is the importance of holidays.
Their importance is how they make you feel.
When you feel love for all at Christmas your conscious mind is influencing your subconscious mind to out-picture love for all in your world.
And believe me when you create love for all in your world you are experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Painting Desert Sunset 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Working Through Maslow's Hierarchy

Working Through Maslow's Hierarchy  36" y 48"  $2,000,000
If you look at the purple figure on the red horse you will see him complete with plumed helmet much the same as Julius Caesar wore.
The metaphysical color of  purple representing the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions.
Purple inspires and enhances psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment Source
The triangular eyes of the purple animals including Julius symbolize the narrowing of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Maslow's Hierarchy of Need's, with each creature being at a different level of spiritual evolution.
Salvador Dali's Dali time piece is seen on the left side of the painting as the head of a wheelchair bound individual struggling with spirituality versing physicality.
Tiny animals cavort at the bottom of the painting symbolizing the playful nature of spiritual evolution while the space above them shows all the imperfections of life that contribute to one's spiritual climb.
At the top of the painting we see two teenagers gazing upward with all the belief of adolescence imagining just how good it's going to feel when they get there.   

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


USA  36" by 48"   $2,000,000
USA is a painting I completed shortly after the 2016 Presidential Election.
Needless to say I am completely shocked at the election results and the signalling of a very dangerous period in our history where human beings are dismissed as less merely because of their color of skin and religion.
Because I do believe that love is the only Truth I believe this will be a temporary period of chaos signaling eventual great spiritual growth and the rise of a world and society where great peace may reign.
I believe the golf club the eagle is looking at is President Obama and the orange dust the infamous orange man Donald Trump. Hopefully this means President Obama saves our country from Donald Trump.

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Paintings Are Like Reading Tea Leaves

My paintings are like reading tea leaves there are psychic channeling in pictorial form.
Alien Creator as Small Child