Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dog Day Ads

Dog Day Ads are made from my beautiful forays into Ponce Inlet Dog Park, in Ponce Inlet Florida
I am eternally grateful to all the gracious owners who let me photograph their dogs as they played and gave me permission to use them as magnificent models for the following ads.
Is Fine Art Going To The Dogs, Or Are The Dogs Coming To Fine Art?

Some animals, or should I say alternate humans were photographed in other locations.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Different Plane of Reality

My paintings are the doorway to another plane of reality where most everything is known but with a tiny bit of leeway for freewill.
With the Shape of an L on His Forehead

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Psychic Snapshot Read of Today as it Feels Likes Something Big is About to Happen

Doing a psychic snapshot painting read of today as it feels as if something momentous is about to happen.
Psychic painting are done much the same way as automatic writing is done.
There is no intent to subject, the paint is applied without the interjection of conscious mind.
I am doing a series of 10 small paintings 5 Inches By 7 Inches and will post them as I complete them.
My Decatych

1. Rebirth of a Nation

2.  The Ancients Come Back to Applaud The Defeat

3.  And The Women Were Deputized by Angels

4.  And They All Happily Explained, a Puff of Orange Was All That Remained

5.  Lady Victory Exits the Vortex of the Orange Tsunami

6.  The Monsters Demise Was Saluted by Many Upraised Fingers

7. And the Devil Leaves Vowing to Return Again Another Day

8.  The Beauty of Teamwork

9.  With The Shape of an L on His Forehead

10.  A Plethora of Evil Scurries to Leave The Swamp

Post Script - I had this feeling and started the paintings around 5 am this morning, at 6:43 am news broke Mueller was breaking his silence and making a statement on his report.
So this is it - the enormous thing.
Some screenshots from my phone notepad this morning, the feeling was so strong.

My pardon to the lyrics of  "Somethings Coming" auto-correct corrected the "air is humming" to "the air is coming" Lyrics Link

*Interpreting a Psychic Painting 101 or How to Read Metaphysical Art for Dummies :)

New Item - Psychic Snapshot Paintings