Thursday, February 22, 2018

Reading a Psychic Painting 101 or How to Read Metaphysical Art for Dummies :)

There are two parts to reading a psychic painting.
One is color and one is form
Form is defined by lines.
Form takes two sides, one is negative form or space, the other is positive form.

Since color however is something that absolutely enthralls me, I will take on the color aspect first.
Here is a list of what color means to me.

Red = Power
Black = Chaos
Green = Growth
Yellow = Sunshine or Solar Plexus Opening
Brown = Earth or Earthiness
Orange = Vitality
Gold = Money or Wealth
Gray = Serenity
Blue = Tranquility
Pink = Protection
Purple = Enlightenment

Now keep in mind these are what the colors mean in my paintings, other paintings may use color in a different way.

Certain tints of color can be read as offshoots, such as a tint of green can mean growing jealousy.

As to shapes any shape that is a definite animal, possesses the metaphysical properties of that animal, such as a rabbit-fecundity, fox-cunning, and an owl wise, and so on.
When you read the painting you couple the meaning of the color along with the metaphysical properties of the animal or physical object and you can determine what the painting is trying to tell you.
It is the same as interpreting a dream, when there is no verbal language to describe, everything is communicated through symbology.
Thus our purple cows or red owls which may not exist in the physical are very appropriate in a metaphorical world.
Also as in dreams another thing that must be taken into account is tone of the painting, is it happy sad, vibrant or depressing.
What is the expression on the characters faces, are they perplexed, sad, happy.

Now some examples:
Hugs Are The Most Precious Gift We Can Give
Dog - Unconditional Love
Gorilla - Gorillas are vastly sociable, and have intricate methods of communication with each other. Furthermore, there is a great deal of honor involved with their interactions with each other. LINK

Color Analysis
Blue Background indicates tranquility
Red (Gorilla) indicates power
Gray (Dog) indicates serenity
Dog symbolizes unconditional love. 
Orange above dogs head indicates vitality real feeling imparts to a gesture (in this case the hug)

The fact that the hand hugging the gorilla is the same color as the gorilla indicates self-hugs or self-love are the most important thing of all.
 If you cannot love and comfort yourself you are unable to love and comfort any others. 
Other things to ponder - 
The hand is in the shape of an m.
There is another animal on top of the painting that looks like a racoon to me. Since it is the same color as the head of the dog the two metaphysical aspects of both dog and other animal are taken to merge.

Always keep in mind any painting you are particularly drawn to has a special message that you soul is asking an answer to, your soul is confirming you have made a correct decision about or is telling a story that resonates deeply with your being.

Now it is your turn
The Marriage of the Old Master With Futuristic Art 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gorilla Hug Painting Analysis

Gorillas are vastly sociable, and have intricate methods of communication with each other. Furthermore, there is a great deal of honor involved with their interactions with each other.
Gorillas are intimately aware of each member within the community. In fact, the responsibility to assist both young and elderly members of the troop (term for a group of gorillas) are shared among all the members of the community. This is a message to us to not pass over our debt to our elders - but be active participants in their final days. Likewise, gorillas show us that we should be raising our children (not our TV sets). LINK

Hugs are The Most Precious Gift  We Can Offer

If Gorilla has come across your path;

It is a signal for us to raise our heads and recognize the nobility within us. This is not prideful or boastful behavior. Rather, this great Ape exudes a quiet honor and a still dignity that makes a much more profound statement than any boast. We humans (particularly this day and age) would do well to mimic such regal behavior. This animal also gives us a message of leadership but not of the aggressive kind. Rather, this ape manages other members within the troop with temperance, understanding, compassion and balance. Very seldom is aggression or violence required in order to get the point across. The Simian reminds us that tyrannical leaders will never win respect. The message here is that decency, honesty, and quiet charisma win loyal followers. LINK

Color Analysis
Blue Background indicates tranquility
Red (Gorilla) indicates power
Gray (Dog) indicates serenity
Dog symbolizes unconditional love. 
Orange above dogs head indicates vitality real feeling imparts to a gesture (in this case the hug)
The fact that the hand hugging the gorilla is the same color as the gorilla indicates self-hugs or self-love are the most important thing of all.
For if you cannot love and comfort yourself you are unable to love and comfort any others. 

Additional Associations for Gorilla: Clairaudience                My own personal reminder ha ha.



Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Metaphysical Painting A Look at The Creation of Vintage Grateful Dead From Start to Finish

I am demonstrating on very tiny canvas's 5" by 7".
First step is to lay down basic color or shape.
For my shape I use oil stick by Sennelier.
I do not intend any specific form I just make random slashes with the oil stick.
I then add a second layer of shape or form on top of the first, and rotate the canvas all four ways to see if  a picture is suggested.
Since all my work is most easily viewed from a distance (this works out quite well for aren't all painting hung on a wall and viewed from afar 95% of the time).
Just sayin :)
Third I stand the canvas's up and try to see again what picture is suggested, all the while continually rotating them all 4 ways until I have hit on the story I think it tells.
Now for the remainder of this article I am going to focus on one specific painting from the group, so you may see from start to finish how I paint the painting with no intent, add to it as I see a picture emerge and then read the canvas. 
When I can read the canvas and the painting pops with the picture from afar I am done.
Okay so this is the painting from the group pictured I have chosen to demonstrate.
At first glance the painting suggested to me is of a blue haired woman with an orange face.
At first I intended to go with it but I had chosen a neon orange and there was too much overwhelming orange color in the painting and looked ugly to my eye.
When in doubt and trying to tone down, I add black.
So I added a big blob of black (unfortunately I do not have a photo of this) and it looked worse, ugh all that black.
So then to lighten it I added white and thought hey that looks pretty good.
To add more visual interest and to balance the canvas I also added a different darker shade of orange.
The last and 4th step is what I call reading the canvas. 
I put my paints and paintings away and went to sleep and when I awoke I thought hey that painting looks like an album cover from the Grateful Dead that I have seen before.
So I use the godsend of google to search for Grateful Dead album covers and lo and behold there it is. 
Well at least the skull head with the roses.
Now incredibly if you look even the colors match.
Denim blue backgrounds on both.
Even the same orange semi circle on both.
Now to read the meaning of the painting one must ask questions.
1. Is there some death to be grateful for?
2. What does the music aspect mean in regard to the question of a grateful death?
3. What does a skull mean to me at this point in time?
4. What is the symbolic meaning of white roses?
One continues to ask questions until one's mind is satisfied with the answer, because all metaphysical painting is an answer given to a question the soul has asked.
I titled this painting "Vintage Grateful Dead"

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Brand New Mini Haiku Paintings

Baby Toddles Back to Bed After Her Fourth Cup of Water
Does This Painting Make My Bum Look Fat
Bed Painting
Baby Angel Has Her Wings Adjusted
Don't Sit Under The Orange Tree With Anyone Else But Me
The Machinations of Catwoman Is She Cat or Is She Goddess
A Love Affair Doomed From First Inception The Cat and The Mouse
The Gate Is Open So I Have to Run
The Queen Made Her Entrance But She Did Not Seem Happy
The Scepter of Power Oft Goes Unchallenged
They Say Siberia is Very Cold and Lonely This Time of Year
Attention All Mice Be a Good Neighbor Remain in Wall

All Mini Haiku painting measure 5" by 7".

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Positive and Negative Space In a Painting Are Measures of The Conscious and Unconscious MInd

Lines in a painting make up the positive space and color contains the negative space in painting.
Lines are the conscious mind, color is the unconscious mind.
Black is the presence of all consciousness so is very attention seeking and chaotic in a painting.
Soft colors are the unconscious mind and the more soft colors in a painting the more of the unconscious is revealed.
Soft colors are the words of the unconscious.
Soft colors are the silence we seek in meditation. 
Positive space is viewed in a up close look at a painting.
Negative space is viewed when viewing a painting from a distance.
Most of my paintings contain the emphasis on negative space and the subconscious.
For this reason my paintings look best when viewed from afar.
And this is just fine and dandy cause aren't most painting hung on wall and viewed from a distance.
Just sayin.
And wink wink, we already know what our conscious mind is telling us it is right there in the open and front and center.
What most seek who seek sagacity and understanding is the subconscious.
Ah that hidden mysterious place that creates All reality.
The font of all creation.
Study the unconscious and reveal,study what is already known and you may remain in the same spot forever.
To remain unchanged might seem safe, but to change is all power.
The Crowd Awaits With Bated Breath  For The End of Fascism in America

The Queen


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Crowd Awaits With Bated Breath For The End of Fascism in America

The Crowd Awaits With Bated Breath For The End of Fascism in America  3 Feet by 4 Feet
This latest painting of mine catches the tired yet stoic waiting for word of the end of fascism in America.
The impatient duck in the bottom left hand corner symbolizes the moment of now and our impatience to remove it now, not one minute more.
The dark green democratic donkey with dull eyes, to me symbolizes the Democratic Party must not be hypnotized into thinking they have no power to do anything. 
They need to stand up strongly and now.
The 331 came up randomly on the women's pink shirt maybe it is a date.
My own spoiler alert take - We are going to be greatly pleased at the end.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Portrait of Bowzer Demonstrating His Invisibility Ability

Portrait of Bowzer Demonstrating His Invisibility Ability  16" by 20"
Pink Is For Pink Hats In The Time Space Continuum That Is Now 16" by 20"
Shaking Off The Cobwebs of Self Deprecation   16" by 20"

This latest painting of mine is very haunting.
With only three figures the Women the Sea Horse and the Myna Bird on the women's head.
Myna Bird- Another peculiar trait of this bird is that seeds that pass through its digestive system have a higher percentage to germinate.
 As soon as I heard it I smiled and said aha that's it. 
 So I will let you all germinate on what that means.

Other new paintings I recently completed.
Vociferousness Is Frowned Upon   16" by 20"
Yellow Submarine Thank You Robin Cook for Abduction   16"by 20"
Saturday Night Fever and The Bouncer At the Door Says No  16" by 20"
Mamas Don’t Let Your Boys Grow Up To Be Soldiers
At The End of The Day Even When Day Is Done Mothers Worry About Their Son

Monday, January 22, 2018

My Method of Painting Comes From My Fascination With Psychic Phenomena and The Future

Pink Is For Pink Hats In The Time Space Continuum That Is Now

I am a metaphysical painter who has studied spirituality for much of my life.

By metaphysical I mean seeing and knowing things beyond the reach of our ordinary senses.

My method of painting comes from my fascination with psychic phenomena and the future.

I have always since early childhood felt the future will unveil not only fantastic new technologies but also undreamed of spiritual awakenings.

I believe that thought is subtle electrical energy and that energy from the resultant thought can actually travel from the subconscious where it is  picked up as prescience to a blank canvas.

This creates scenes that are either;

    Important for me to capture.
    Important for the eventual buyer of the piece  to capture.
    Important to the world to capture.

Encapsulated, my painting are drawn from inner scenes existing as vibrational energy in my subconscious and are not drawn on the canvas, but actually pulled from the canvas.

I call my art, "Art Purely From the Soul With No Filter ."

It's genre is soft abstract expressionism art, but  it is the way that it is created that makes it much more unique than it's actual genre.

Faced with a blank canvas I do not plan what to paint, I merely swipe paint on the canvas and let whatever picture wants to come up, come up.

I then read the canvas by rotating it 4 ways and seeing what picture has come up.
Once I see the picture I enhance by still only swiping paint and oil pastels with no intent other than to add more color and more shape.
I have never been disappointed, a clearly readable image ALWAYS appears.
It is very akin to reading tea leaves I suppose.

I rarely use a paint brush.

My subconscious sees the invisible energy of a scene, impregnates the canvas with this invisible energy and when I wipe paint on the canvas it adheres only to the energy of the impregnated scene creating a picture. 

It is energy from my subconscious that creates the picture and this is why I say it comes straight from the soul. 

When I say no filter I mean I do not filter or change any images that come up.

It is also for this reason that the paint on all my canvas is very lightly applied.

This is so it does not cover up, but actually uncovers the painting theme.

What my art means.

My art is about a move to a gentler more peaceful society which is portrayed by gently flowing cartoon like shapes and beautiful bright flowing color.

My work is always about the good in man and in society and it's meaning is always upbeat and positive.

Nothing dark always brilliant light and softness.

By putting out such light in my art I believe I am contributing to peace and happiness, for who can be dark or sad when viewing such brightly colored gentle creatures.

Sisters   3 Feet by 4 Feet

As the subconscious is ones soul I am delighted that my soul appears to be a happy one as my art comes out in playful happy cartoonish like characters and beautiful colors.

The Queen   3 Feet by 4 Feet
Gratitude towards the courage of individual spirit is the main theme that runs through most of  my painting and a knowing that we are moving slowly and steadily towards a kinder and more gentle society and world

I believe that good energy embedded in a picture is good energy added to a household.

I believe the most important character a person can possess, is kindness.

Links to Painting Portfolios
Large Paintings 
Medium Paintings 
Small Paintings 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Need an Art Investment and Want it Now, Buying Online Just Makes Sense

After a Three Martini Lunch Things Look Pretty Good at The Office   3 Feet by 4 Feet

Let's face it, making money, big money is time consuming.
So how can you save a little time and slot into a schedule that seems to have no holes?
If you want an art investment and want it now, buying art online just makes sense.
Browse for your paintings in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Do things the easy way. 
Do things the luxurious way.
Buying online is fun, comfortable, uncomplicated, and fast and after all isn't your time, money.
Mitro Luxury Art has tailor made size investments depending on how much you wish to invest.
If it is a smaller investment starting at $8,000 or goes up to a large investment of $2,000,000 or more, we have the investment for your every need.
Whether it is a gift to appreciate for a grandchild or something for your own investment portfolio, we are the have in what you want 

                                                                Large Investment
Truth   3 Feet by 4 Feet    $2,000,000
                                              Mid Investment
Desert Sunset / Vanquished Sun  16" by 20"  $125,000 

Mini Investment

Old Yeller 2015 A Futuristic Take On an Old Dog   11" by 14"   $50,000      
  Mini Mini Investment

Rinaldo    5" by 7"   $8,000


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Poetry and Fine Art A Match Made in Heaven

Fine art just sort of seems to lend itself to poetry.
Here are some links to poems I have written for my paintings.
Red Car
Link  Red Car Poem 
Red Car Poem

Link  A Summer Night in Kenya
A Summer Night in Kenya

Link The Bum Poem
The Bum Poem

For more of my poetry please go to Mitro Poetry and Haiku Link  LINK

Friday, January 19, 2018

Is Fine Art Going To The Dogs, Or Are The Dogs Coming To Fine Art?

Dogs, tall buildings and chairs feature in artist Kathy Mitro’s quirky fine art ad series.
Daytona Beach, Florida, June 13,2016—“Is that a bikini on your dog?” An artist on the beach has to have an opening line to get permission to snap the next world-famous art photo. And through the haze of technique, the bikini on the dog shines forth in one of Mitro’s gallery ads.

Dog and beach have been blended together thoroughly; the dog’s nose and funky bikini-like harness are the “dots on a big white wall” that draw your eye and tell you that, in fact, there is a dog in the image. The tagline is as obvious as the semi-hidden dog: “For luxury art that won’t blend in with your surroundings.”
The ad series has dozens of images, all connected by an odd “fine art goes off the wall” feeling. No one said art had to be quiet or shy or negotiable. Mitro has overlaid her art with a dinner gong “come and get it while it’s hot” ad message.
I’ve turned away three buyers who wanted to buy my art for a million dollars apiece,” Mitro admitted. Mitro requires the money go to hunger relief and won’t budge on the requirement. “The main purpose of the money for the paintings is to fund my hunger relief work. I firmly believe I can be a key ingredient in ending hunger in this generation,” she said.
Mitro’s ad series is often blatantly commercial: “Everyone wants one. Few can afford one. Fewer own one.” Or a stack of cash and the message, “With the privilege of buying it comes the perk of watching it appreciate.”
Ms. Mitro’s motivations often come from her love of the metaphysical and the Daytona Beach atmosphere; dogs became a popular vehicle because they’re often spotted beachside, but the ads also feature birds, cats and old family photos, as well as finger painting-ish chairs and scenes.
There’s a dog for every message, you might say,” Kathy says. “I’ve got a lot of messages filed away in my head. Found animals, people and things are the carriers of the ideas. I see the thing, I recognize the idea I’ve had filed away on some mental index card, and that’s why that image happens,” the artist said.
When asked why her pieces have commanded a big price tag, Ms. Mitro shrugs esoterically  “Related to Warhol. My oddball name. I finger paint photos? I gave up trying to figure that out years ago, but probably just the power and the strength of the art. Also I’m not dead yet—so just wait, the prices will go up.”
Ms. Mitro is well known for various series of abstract paintings, swirly photos, and quirky works. Known for large scale works, one of her pieces has been virtually printed at sixty feet tall and required the side of a building for proper display.

To access the ads and read more - Dog Day Ads

Media Contact
Company Name: Mitro Luxury Art
Contact Person: Katheleen Mitro 
Email: information@mitrofineart.com 
Phone: (386)589-2448
City: Daytona Beach 
State: FL
Country: United States 
Website: http://mitrofineart.com