Sunday, August 25, 2019

Be Your Own Guide, No One Else is Better Qualified

In Religion There  is Jail When There Needs to be Freedom
Religion asks us to believe in someone else's experience of the divine, while spirituality invites us to have our own.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Time for a Higher Consciousness

It is time for some serious soul searching.
America is gone, we have passed the tipping point.
Politicians cannot help us.
Judges and the Law cannot help us.
We have passed all conventional methods of self correction.
Just as in so many prescient books 1984 is here.
It Can't Happen here, is here.
Now the time of the Anti-Christ is upon us.
So many have fallen in worship at his altar taking the mark of the beast upon their forehead.
But there is one hope and it is a fabulous one.
A chance to not only let Earth survive, but to let all it's inhabitants prosper and live in joy, health and love.
That hope is rising to a higher consciousness.
The Earth is set to undergo a massive rise in consciousness.
Those with good hearts need not fear, in fact their hearts will become as they say in the commercial "gooder".
Those that have taken the mark, and those that wish to imprison and enslave others will....
well we are talking an enlightened society here so no violence,  just a pushing away of those.

Physicality differs from Heaven.
We are here to be different, we are here to create feelings, we are here to create.. well the world, and to add to the creation of all that is.
We are at critical mass right now, we have those few, those handful of persons out of billions of people who wish to enslave and deny freedom to all outside of their own tiny circle.
Everything for a few, nothing for the remaining billions.
Their greed is insatiable and can never be satisfied, they want it all, and they want all to  have none.
This cannot stand, the whole purpose of being is then denied and the planet has no useful purpose.
It may seem like the few are winning now but they have aligned themselves against the Divine and that is not a equal match.
There is help from spiritual if we are willing to change our beliefs.
If we are willing to connect with those in higher realms of understanding.
If we are willing to cast off our limits to what exactly we think is possible in our physical bodies.
I am talking of expanded senses, clairvoyance, prescience, telekinesis and on and on.
We are not slaves sent here to live a life of slavery and then be rewarded with eternal Heaven afterwards.
We are sent here to experience the beautiful rapture of creating with our minds and expanding the Universe with our feelings.
We send ourselves here for joy, not suffering.
Now how can we raise our consciousness.
There are many methods but they, how should I put this nicely, are slow.
I am talking yoga, meditation.
A fast track method would be crystals.
Crystals are embedded with instructions from the Divine.
Now don't blow me off here.
How many of you have sat and watched with rapture "Lord of The Rings"?
"The Search for The Holy Grail"?
Truly believing in the power of the ring and the stone.
Then after all the belief, leave the movie or novel and say "Oh if only it were real."
If the books listed above are prescient why would it not follow that these books could also be prescient?
All of our arts are a truly a connection to the Divine.
The stone that started me on my own rise to higher consciousness was Moldavite.
As someone who has studied spirituality for at least 35 years this stone in 3 and a half months has so super accelerated my evolution that is nothing short of miraculous.
My hint here if any of this article resonates with you, Buy This Stone, and it will take you on your journey quickly.
Another hint is a fabulous new book I am reading titled "Stones of the New Consciousness"
by Robert Simmons.
Now I will leave you with some of my art.
Titled "The Trilogy of Creation - Truth, Heart, Thought"

PS. Woke up one morning and thought it important for myself to collect all 62 stones in Robert Simmon's book "Stones Of  The New Consciousness".
Here is a picture of some of them, and by the way I feel absolutely fabulous :)
I have 60 of them in my hand, and the last two arriving by mail.

Very cool for discerning eyes, there is a piece of Aegirine in the photo that has the image of Robert Simmon's face in it.
See if you can find it.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

My Paintings are Actual Perceptions of Entangled Realities

All my paintings are actual perceptions of entangled realities.
By this I mean they are psychic pickups of stories with all the different aspects and parts revealed in readable pictorial form.

The Montagues and the Capulets Witches and Warlock Style, A Tale as Old as Shakespeare
The Montagues and the Capulets Witches and Warlock Style, A Tale as Old as Shakespeare

Psychic Paintings Tells a Complex Story In One Frame / Modern Day Hieroglyphics

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

My Paintings are a Point of Light

Much has been talked about for well almost eons :) , of advancement of society to an enlightened world of advanced beings.
My own thoughts on the current blackness shrouding the United States is it a catalyst for such a great upheaval to enlightenment.
No not the rapture where cultists believe only those with the correct superstitious mumbo jumbo will live in Heaven by all else perishing and Jesus coming down to anoint them and only them worthy of Heaven.
I mean a spiritual looking inward of souls looking at who we truly are.
We are creatures of light lit by the brilliant sun and should it's light go out life as we know it would also go out.
Now if we can bring our inner light to the surface we can light the world in pinpoints of light from individual brilliant souls that will overcome the darkness of the current moment.
Now see how I did that, I have made each individual responsible for their own light, I have not passed off the responsibility to some pie in the sky deity to do it for us.
Light is bright and clean and good and that is what I have focused in my paintings.
The glory the fun, and the joy of humanity.
They make one smile and they make one happy and they focus on the light in the world, not the dark.

Sisters Pleiades  3 Feet by 4 Feet

Refugee  3 Feet by 4 Feet

Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Dark World Needs Bright Lights

A dark world needs bright lights.
I believe as an artist the right kind of art can be used as a meditative focus and a point of light.
Each of my pieces of art contain hope, love, laughter and a looking inward point.
Looking inward into the soul, in the silence of contemplation, is truth
Truth is all that is good and perfect

Bubbles the Cat and His Friend the Tree Ewe
This painting is a meditation point for opening up the solar plexus chakra, the seat of fear.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Getting In on The Ground Level By Buying an Artist Poised To Emerge As Very Valuable

Desert Sunset Vanquished Sun - Mitro  16" by 20"   
Getting in on the ground level of an artist's art before it's value skyrockets is essential to making a huge profit in the art market.
Like stocks and bonds it is essential to keep one's ear to the ground to buy that art before it's price goes through the roof.
The biggest money pay off goes to the one who see's the value in the little known name. Much like the movie star who starts an ingenue and salary price is cheap, only to explode into a super star with a salary in the 8 digits.
To buy a known name is good and safe but the price you pay will reflect that that one is already known.
To buy a name, that one says who is that, and to have that art explode in value, well that is the thrill that is the adrenalin rush.
That is the most profitable investment  you can ever make.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Nothing Happens Sequentially It Just Appears To

Upon Becoming
Sequentiality of time is an illusion.
As every moment of  "time" "explodes" at the same moment, there can be no cause and effect of one thing following another.
What does occur is the state of being.
As we grow from moment to moment (assuming we do grow), with each moment existing at exactly the same time, change occurs by changing our state of being.
So things do not have to happen to us to progress, we merely have to change our perception of ourselves or our state of being.
At all times it is how I Be, or how I Vibrate or how I Perceive Myself, that determines who I am in each particular moment

And Then As a Group They Went In Search of The Holy Grail

Friday, July 5, 2019

Thoughts on July 4th, 2019 We Just Might Make It

USA and The Final Curtain For The Orange Man The World is Woke

Waking up on July 4th, 2019 was a little sad, the first 4th of July I decided to boycott, because quite frankly who celebrates the death of democracy.
But then as the day goes on, something happens, something in the air changes.
Thunderstorms are predicted for the fascist parade and they come about.
Mother Nature cleanses the Earth and the world rejoices.
But maybe the real difference was the the wave of love from the Democrats
for our country on this most patriotic of all our holidays, filling the air, filling the energy field, and with that intense love came a stronger than ever solidified resolve to fight the scourge of fascism in America and the scourge of deplorables backing and enabling it.
The resolve, that this is our country and we not let it wallow in evil.
And I thought to myself, you know I think America is going to make it.

Ghosting an Energy Scene In a Painting, or Making the Invisible - Visible

Whereas most artists apply paint to a canvas in deliberate shape and line to depict a scene they want to present, my art consists of attracting an invisible energy scene to my canvas, which is then uncovered or made visible by swiping paint lightly over this energy making it visible with the adherence of light color.
A good analogy to understand how this is done, would be to envision a completely transparent very intricate spider web in a forest, so transparent that you must stand at a particular angle so the light is just right to see it, if you can see it at all.
Now picture taking a tin of colored chalk dust and sprinkling it all over this web, and voila the invisible is now visible.
I make the invisible, visible the same way with my paints.
An interesting fact is that I myself  have no knowledge of the scene I will uncover before I uncover it with paint, so it makes each new canvas extremely interesting and fun for me to read.

Baby Phantom Spitfire

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Ah the Joy of an Online Art Gallery

NOW Is The Time For All Good People to Come to The Aid of Their Country

And The Lilliputians Took Down The Man Who Thought Himself King

The crossroads have come and we now have a momentous decision.
No I am not talking about which side you are on, although the sides are clearly delineated.
On one side much as the Civil War we have the people who wish us to devolve thus erasing all the hard fought progress we have earned.
On the other side we have those that strive each day to be better, to go further and to reach grand new stages of humanity and compassion.
Our decision now is the decision to act.
And act we must, the little people.
This is it, this is the moment, to hesitate is to accept.
To accept concentration camps as okay.
To accept and allow the torture of innocents.
To each day take it further, yesterday imprison the immigrants, today imprison the homeless.
Tomorrow, the gays, the women?
America the beautiful, until it isn't.
What can the little people do?
Speak up.
Stand up.
Fill the streets.
What we should not do.
Be complacent someone else will fix it.
To allow ourselves to be lulled into endless waiting for a fix, that will likely never come if we wait any longer.

The ball is in our court lets play it.

Thank you to:

Jewish Activists arrested for blocking an ICE Facility in Elizabeth New Jersey, protesting the horrific conditions the immigrants were being kept in inside.
They said never again, on our watch.
They are heroes.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez
As a member of Congress on official business in the camps, she states her own fear of physical harm by the brutal guards of defenseless innocent men, women and children.
Alexandra is a hero

Liz DeCou - Nurse and Grandmother arrested for appearing at concentration with toys for the children.
She asks "Why am I being arrested for trying to offer comfort to children?"
She is a hero

Sunday, June 30, 2019

trump Supporters are Actively Helping Russia Destroy Our Democracy

The Crowd Awaits With Bated Breath For The End of Fascism in America
trump supporters are actively helping Russia destroy our democracy.
They are traitors in the true sense of the word, betraying not only country, but the principles it was founded upon.
And lastly betraying humanity.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dog Day Ads

Dog Day Ads are made from my beautiful forays into Ponce Inlet Dog Park, in Ponce Inlet Florida
I am eternally grateful to all the gracious owners who let me photograph their dogs as they played and gave me permission to use them as magnificent models for the following ads.
Is Fine Art Going To The Dogs, Or Are The Dogs Coming To Fine Art?

Some animals, or should I say alternate humans were photographed in other locations.