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Friday, June 9, 2017

USA and The Final Curtain For The Infamous Orange Man/The World is Woke

USA and The Final Curtain For The Infamous Orange Man/The World is Woke  36" by 48"  $2,000,000

This painting is metaphysical art, as all my painting are. This means they are painted without intent to subject, an image appears as I am working the canvas. You can see this painting brought up an  American Eagle with wings wrapped protectively around the globe.
One of the wings representing a fierce animal.
I believe the golf club the eagle is looking at is President Obama and the orange dust the infamous orange man Donald trump. 
Hopefully this means President Obama saves our country from Donald.
As We The People rise, we will defeat the orange man and reclaim our beautiful democracy and country
The golf club is placed inside a Lemurian Seed. 
The impressions that many folk get of the people of Lemuria, is of gentle innocent people who deeply loved the earth.  
It is believed that those who lived during the time of ancient Lemuria were highly spiritual beings.  
These crystals are important as it is believed that they left messages within the stones for us. 
These stones seem to have been programmed before they were placed into the ground.http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/lemurian-quartz-crystal
The lightness around the orange dust being the breakup of the intense negativity of this oppressive regime.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Easter/The Fugues

Easter/The Fugues 36" by 48"
Wabi Sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: 
Nothing lasts, 
Nothing is finished, and 
Nothing is perfect."[4] 
Buddhist author Taro Gold describes wabi-sabi as 
"the wisdom and beauty of imperfection."[5]   

 Wabi can also refer to quirks and anomalies arising from the process of construction, which add uniqueness and elegance to the object.
Sabi is beauty or serenity that comes with age, when the life of the object and its impermanence are evidenced in its patina and wear, or in any visible repairs.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If You Knew What The Gnu Knew/Tribute to Herman Wouk

If You Knew What The Gnu Knew/Tribute to Herman Wouk  36" by 48"  $2,000,000
When we see a wildebeest (Gnu) it is a sign that we should strengthen our family bonds, a family should act like a family and stick together. The wildebeest knowledge to show courage when it is disturbed and its capability to flee in front of the predator is commendable. 
This creature also reminds us that we can change everything that we are supposed to be, we are the one holding our destiny, and it’s up to us if we want to change that.
And you don’t have to do it alone; wildebeest always migrates in numbers, telling us that you don’t need to bear everything on your own.  Life is more fun with friends and families around
Herman Wouk

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Secret of The Universe

Desert Sunset / Vanquished Sun - Mitro
It is not what say or do, it's what we feel that creates our lives.
What we feel inside, is what we out-picture into our surrounding world.
In order to change our surrounding world we must change what we feel inside.
Our outer world is created by matching vibrations already existing in our subconscious.
In order to create something very specific in our reality we must exactly match the vibration of that something in our subconscious.
The way to start this process is to use what we are in control of which is our conscious mind.
With continual focus of our conscious mind we can gradually influence and change our subconscious to anything we wish.
This is the importance of holidays.
Their importance is how they make you feel.
When you feel love for all at Christmas your conscious mind is influencing your subconscious mind to out-picture love for all in your world.
And believe me when you create love for all in your world you are experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Painting Desert Sunset 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Truth  36" By 48"  $2,000,000
Truth is the physical embodiment of absolute divinity.
The Truth spoken of is eternal truth and love is the only absolute truth.
If you look closely at the center of this painting you will see a horse. 
It was not until years after I completed this painting that I noticed it myself. 
The metaphysical meaning of horse is freedom and freedom is what you receive upon knowing Truth. 
Always circular, what you receive you know and what you know you receive

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Secret Society of Hatred

As the entire world reels in upheaval over inhumane actions of an inhumane man, we have seen the emergence of something many of us have never had exposure to.
I call it the Secret Society of Hatred.
The underbelly of the beast.
Secret up until now for those of us who have never felt it's ugliness and cruelty.
It is a secret freed because of a man put into the most important job in the world, who endorses this type of cruel unreasoning hatred.
Brought to light it is something that makes one ponder what can one do with such unremitting hatred?
One can never fight hate with hate, but how can one love tolerate or ignore such cruelty.
Indeed silence of itself is complicity and helps only the oppressor never the oppressed.
Hatred is taught in childhood it does not spring un-watered in adulthood,
Should there be fines for hatred?
Should there be punishment for teaching your child to hate?
What a complex battle to take on.
In a free society one must be free to do whatever one chooses as long as it does not hurt another.
But perhaps I have answered myself here for indeed that is what hatred does, it hurts others.
Should the KKK and other hate groups be allowed to threaten, humiliate and terrorize.
Can we evolve as a society if we let them?
These are answers that must be pondered deeply and addressed along with the removal of oppressors in seats wielding much power
There is no place for cruelty in a ruler
When it is allowed we all lose and we lose everything


Monday, February 6, 2017

Dear trump Your Message of Hate Backfired - You Made Us Love Each Other Even More

Dear trump,
Our So Called President
Apparently you were the chaos we needed to grow.
While your vile message of hate may have resonated with a very select few.
The majority of Americans and indeed the World took your hate and transformed it into love.
Yes from your hate we have grown as a nation.
We have stood and protested and boycotted and said 
Hell no 
No hate 
No divisiveness
No separation
This is OUR America
Not yours
People of America thank you for your blessed voices of dissent to hatred.
For indeed the World is watching us make our stand and those that have stood, stand proudly at this time.
Love always triumphs
Yes even over lies, power and evil
Love always wins.
Trump your time is over and it is time to walk away from the office that was never really yours
America wants your resignation
The World wants your resignation
Now Enjoy the Super Bowl Ads that so beautifully exemplify
the True American People


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Not One Single Movement, Gesture, Hand Raise Occurs In A Random Vacuum

Everything in the entire Universe is inter-twined, Everything. Every time you raise your hand it is in concert with the Universe a beautifully balanced symphony reacting interacting dancing with majestic music in concert with someones or somethings matching energy completing a circle as all of creation is a circle and all of life is creation.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Unraveling the Symbolology of Mitro Metaphysical Paintings

Father Christmas Visits the Tidepool of Time  36" by 48"  $2,000,000 
 Coyote and Penguin can both be seen in the upper left hand of the painting overlooking the tide pool of time
All the symbols in my paintings have metaphysical meaning. By this I mean whenever you see odd symbology in my paintings these symbol meanings are not literal but metaphysical and the metaphysical meaning attached is in direct connection to attributes generally associated with the symbol.
When you see the coyote over looking the tide pool of time in Father Christmas Visits The Tide Pool of Time the meaning is not a coyote but what a coyote symbolizes which is 
"A coyote although having a darker side is also a very playful animal as seen in this video 
"The spirit of the coyote may remind you to not take things too seriously and bring more balance between wisdom and playfulness."  coyote"
Tthe coyote is also believed to be an indication of an ending. The sighting of the Coyote is said to bring natural shifts in balance, causing an end (which, of course, simply makes way for new beginnings, and so on). 
Essentially, the Coyote is like a "way-maker" of new direction as it goes about its symbolic role of representing the cycle of life/death in nature meaning.
The spirit of the coyote may remind you to not take things too seriously and bring more balance between wisdom and playfulness.
Beware of the dark side of things
Any time a symbol passes before you in your life it is a special message to you.
It is a sign from the Universe that you need to pay attention to.
The more times the same symbol passes in front of you the more attention you need to pay to it's meaning.
See a penguin in a painting in a store, okay.
Then walk out of that store and see a person wearing a penguin sweater, more attention
Then see a sign behind the guy in the Penguin sweater advertising a Christmas pageant with a huge penguin on it.
Now the Universe has signaled you three times in short order.
It is saying pay attention pay attention.
To what you might ask? 
Not to penguins unless you are in daily communion with real life penguins, but pay attention to what a penguins meaning is.
Unconventionalism: The penguin is a bird that does not fly
Faithfulness in a partnership. It might mean monogamy, or it could simply mean sticking with a good friend for the duration of a lifetime.
More meanings Symbolic Meaning of Penguin
In short my paintings are meant to be read like a book with a different meaning for each viewer.
Unique meaning for the unique you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Working Through Maslow's Hierarchy

Working Through Maslow's Hierarchy  36" y 48"  $2,000,000
If you look at the purple figure on the red horse you will see him complete with plumed helmet much the same as Julius Caesar wore.
The metaphysical color of  purple representing the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions.
Purple inspires and enhances psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment Source
The triangular eyes of the purple animals including Julius symbolize the narrowing of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Maslow's Hierarchy of Need's, with each creature being at a different level of spiritual evolution.
Salvador Dali's Dali time piece is seen on the left side of the painting as the head of a wheelchair bound individual struggling with spirituality versing physicality.
Tiny animals cavort at the bottom of the painting symbolizing the playful nature of spiritual evolution while the space above them shows all the imperfections of life that contribute to one's spiritual climb.
At the top of the painting we see two teenagers gazing upward with all the belief of adolescence imagining just how good it's going to feel when they get there.   

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Paintings Are Like Reading Tea Leaves

My paintings are like reading tea leaves there are psychic channeling in pictorial form.
Alien Creator as Small Child

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed  36" by 48"  $2,000,000

Tiny Detail Figures Inside The Mustard Seed Painting
The mustard seed mustard seed meaning is an analogy to the parable of the same name taught by Jesus.
If you look at it you will see all the figures interlocking into each other, faces and beings of one figure, making up parts of other figures.
As you view it you see the figures constantly morph into entirely different figures in a quite magical way. 
Although I used a pen to highlight the figures, no figure was drawn deliberately by myself.
Each and every figure came up with just a single swipe of paint with no intent.
This painting must truly be seen in person as a photograph does not serve it well.
It is absolutely exquisite both in color and in form
It is a vibrant shade of mustard yellow with small touches of pale pink
This is the most powerful painting I have ever painted 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Status Symbol Art - Who Is Mitro Global Luxury Art?

Only the best of the best of luxury original abstract expressionism art.
Extravagant art for discriminating buyers.
A  brilliant investment for today and future generations.
Art that appreciates while you appreciate.
Prices reflect quality.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

After The Messiah In Search of The Master Key

After The Messiah In Search of The Master Key  36" by 48"  Not Available For Sale

This is a beautiful painting done in shades of french wine and velvet chocolate brown.
If we look at the upper right of the painting we will see a resting chipmunk with two glasses of water by his side.
The glasses might also be filled with milk.
The metaphysical meaning of chipmunk is a symbol that something good is on it’s ways to you, something wonderful that delights your heart something that makes you smile and laugh”.
 Spiritual meaning of the Chipmunk appearing for you - it is a most opportune time to ask for a wish (more on wishes.)
The painting when rotated sideways will reveal the Messiah.
For those on your own enlightenment quest I will leave the rest of the interpretation of the painting to you.
See if you can spot the elderly lady with her hair in a bun.

Paintings in Progress

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Metaphysical Painting - What Is It? - How Is It Done?

My metaphysical painting is  always done with no deliberate intent of subject.
I merely pick my colors and swipe the paint on the canvas, letting the canvas and paint create the painting by itself.
I then read the painting by studying it and seeing what it says to me.
My Mom Pays More Attention to My Brother Than to Me
Brexit and Trump with Infinite Sadness Chaos Essential to Spiritual Evolution -  
Baba Vanga From One Who Sees to Another There Are None So  Blind As Those That Cannot See  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Baba Vanga From One Who Sees to Another There Are None So Blind As Those That Do Not See

There Are None So Blind As Those That Do Not See  36" by 48"  $2,000,000
Looking at the center owl symbolizing spiritual sight which stems only from the inner quiet world, the owl tells of a letting go of that which is no longer needed. It is awakening awareness of motives of others, and the intertwining spiral path they take in creation.
The owl brings prophetic messages along with clarity and strong connection to the spiritual world.
Overall Owl is a symbol of being able to navigate any darkness in our life. This spirit brings clarity, prophetic inklings, and a strong connection with the mystical world.
Symbolic meanings for the owl owl are: Intuition, and ability to see what others do not see
  • The presence of the owl announces change
  • Capacity to see beyond deceit and masks
  • Wisdom
  • The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change
On the bottom right of the painting we see Joan of Arc with her wreath of laurel leaves.
If we look at the left center of the painting we see two dogs both looking behind themselves at the past with great concern, while a small alien lies on top looking upward at the sky with not a care in the world.
We see a sightless bunny with no eyes emerging from a patch of palm trees developing his inner eye of inner sight as he travels his path in life much to his delight.
This is one of my favorite paintings  
Baba Vanga
From one who sees to another.